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Jan 10, 2013 6:00pm PST
is... david akers, 49ers, awards presentation. 49ers decided to stay with akers heading into the game with green bay. >> the kick is off the caught ball. >> the season has come full circle for david akers. he tied the record with a 63-yard field goal in a win at green bay but from that point on he made less than 70% of his kicks. last week they brought in billy kundit. >> he did what a football does. feel air force base and david will give us best chance to win. >> he never lost faith in akes. >> i said all along, david is going to make us go to the superbowl. get david back. >> the quarterback who led san francisco to that season opening win alex smith. he continues to support the man who replaced him as the starting signal caller. >> he is very locked in, especially close to game day. i see him more confident in what he is doing especially giving more confidence and going with it. >> intense harbaugh left down his guard. huey lewis and news will play before the game. he a native guy from music to hair. >> i've had this hair cut since i was ten years old. [ laughter ] >> jacksonville
Jan 10, 2013 10:00pm PST
for $29 a month for six months. at&t. david akers gets the nod des . >>> jim harbaugh has chosen his sicker for saturday against green bay. david akers gets the nod despite a career low 69% completion percentage. cundiff was signed last week but the coach decided akers is the man. >>> the jaguars fired mike malarkey after a 2-14 campaign. why is it interesting? because the new jacksonville general manger is a guy named david caldwell. he could be the next head coach and the jags need that quarterback. >>> st. marys up north against gonzaga and trailing by 18 at the half. st. marys down by four now. too little too late, gonzaga wins 83-78. >>> oregon doing it to harwood. they upset number four arizona. first lost of the season for them. daly, and the pants say it all. daly eight strokes back you know those pants are made here in the bay area. >> really? >> the name of the company that makes the pants. >> it slips me names right now. >> who makes those? >> loud mouth pants, john daly. >> i think you should wear them. >> look good on you, though. ,,,,,,
Jan 11, 2013 1:35am PST
somebody to kick a field goal, who will the 49er kicker be on een off the >>> 49ers kicker david akers is getting to get at least one more shot to get it right. akers' kicks have been off the mark. he's hit on just 29 of 42 attempts. that is a career low 69%. so 49ers brought in billy cundiff last week and akers still won the competition. he will be the kicker when the 49ers host the packers. we are less than 48 hours away from kickoff. the last time these teams met in candlestick park, the game was ending on what was known is catch park 2. vern caught up with steve young. >> i said, there was an -- he was open. i mean, it wasn't like, you know, hail mary, you know. not someone, you know -- jump up and grab it or some kind of miracle catch. it's much sweeter, because it's the packers. i mean, it might have been even sweeter if it were the cowboys. but packers, cowboys, one of those two, i'm grateful for that. >>> dave fleming braving the snow as he called the gonzaga game. david stockton -- that's john stockton's son. ten seconds left. st. mary'
Jan 26, 2013 12:00pm PST
that commissioner akers is present. >> we have a quorum. bryant tan is excused this evening. >> okay. okay, first item to the agenda is public comment, the members of the public may address the commission on items of interest to the public that are under the subject matter if you want to talk, this is the time that you could do that. >> thank you, commissioners, my name is mark and tonight, i would like to discuss, something that is coming up in march that i think effects the industry and is going to be a really good, i think, boost to our industry. it is the 90s awards, the castro theater on march fourth. which is an award show, creating to celebrate the night life industry. and about 20 years ago, bam music magazine, hold an award show down at the civic which was a great party, unfortunately bam magazine went out of business, the music awards stop. but i think, this is a good way to recognize there is some excellent programming and creativity in our industry, this will create, i think, that this will help encourage that creativity and excellence and you can vote for, there is a number of things
Jan 20, 2013 11:00pm PST
akers- boots one off the left upright from 38 yards out that would have tied it. harbaugh can't believe it akers - missed most fg's in nfl this year 4th quarter after a ryan fumble kaepernick - hits michael crabtree over the middle who fights to get into end zone but fumbles at the 1 yard line the 49ers force 3 and out and force punt 49ers come right back down field and gore races untouched 9 yards into end zone as 49ers take first lead of game with 8:23 left 28-24 sf 4 mins left, falcons down 4 ryan - finds harry douglas on 3rd down - ball looks like it may have hit turf - but ruled a catch and 1st down harbaugh goes ballistic >> it was a great play by all of them, all of them, the quarterbacks, everybody is chipped in on this one. >> items 0 feeling good i am feeling great i'm exhausted. >> this team is it destined to win. we have a lot of members of that have good energy and character and that is what it is all about. >> we believe in each other and we know what we set out to do. >> id it just feels great to have your family together and everybody here. such a big win. 4th and 4, 1:0
Jan 11, 2013 4:30am PST
akers is still his guy despite finding billy cundiff last week. he missed 13 field goals this season but harbaugh says he still feels akers gives the 49ers the best chance to win it. kickoff is set for 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. going to be a good one. >>> san francisco mayor ed lee and the mayor of green bay, wisconsin, james schmidt, are making a friendly wager on the game with an educational twist. here it is. if the 49ers win, green bay will sponsor hundreds of san francisco kids at the exploratorium museum when it opens at its new home at pier 15 in april. if 49ers lose, san francisco will sponsor a free admission day at the new children's museum of green bay. the bid includes an exchange of some local delicacies. >> that's good. it does something not just i'll wear a crazy hat. >> the kids benefit. >> all right. back to that crazy hat, meat and cheese. something involving that. looking to the east shore freeway. we had eastbound 80 with a major accident before the show started at 4:30. that cleared. flares have burnt out. eastbound taillights. westbound commute moving smoothly as you
Jan 9, 2013 12:00pm PST
and david akers have been competing for the job. 49er fans know all too well that akers lost his kicking accuracy this season and has missed ten of his past 19 attempts from 40 plus yards. you can always watch saturday's game right here on channel 2. our coverage begins with the playbook show at 4:00 p.m. fox picks up coverage at 4 a. 30 with the pregame show and the kickoff set for just after facebook and then stay tuned after the game for our live point after post game show. >>> this would be the scene at the shark tank in san jose. national hockey league owners are set to meet today to vote on a labor agreement reached early sunday to end the 113-day lockout. the players' union have not voted yet. they expect to start the 48- game season a week from saturday. >>> today, on the news at 5:00 -- as we mentioned, barry bonds will not be inducted into the baseball hall of fame this year. no one will. the fallout from the historic vote and reaction to what it says about the so-called steroid era in baseball. >>> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news br
Jan 10, 2013 6:00pm PST
it is saturday, not sunday, i can't take another day. >> yeah. >> david akers a happy guy. had a rough season but jim harbaugh names him the kicker. they brought in billy cundiff to try out against him and david akers has won that competition. however, billy cundiff remains on the roster. alex smith, last 7 games, does it seem that long? watching his remakesment colin kaepernick guide -- replacement colin kaepernick guide the team. you know it has to bother him but he is still taking the high road. at least publicly. >> he is a tremendous player. guy that strong can make all the throws. for me, how fast he processed it as a young player. as young quarterbacks, i think usually they are mentally processing things, making quick decisions and colin kaepernick has done a great job for that. playing fast on game day with his head. locked in. focused guy. >> that is a class act. other 49er news. greg roman there in the hoody, the offensive coordinator. he is among the candidates to replace the coach of the jags. and inside story there, the general manager went to college with him, greg. there is a c
Jan 1, 2013 11:00pm PST
and bowl win since 1949 49ers coach jim harbaugh has brought in another kicker to push david akers. it's billy cundiff who was after missing this field goal in the afc championship season and sending new england to the super bowl. cundoff has been cut a total of 9 times in his career.yet harbaugh wants a little competition to hopefully light a spark under the struggling akers in sacramento - two people were shot and killed in an incident that led to the cancellation of the city's fireworks show. >> certainly, he has done a lot of great things, the warriors against the clippers. just a little bit of bluster kron >> good night.
Jan 3, 2013 5:30am PST
neighborhood policy. and commissioner akers has another thing to add for whoever is going to make the motion. >> the motion the condition that they have clearly posted hours. >> okay. so who wants to make... >> the motion are 1, 2, 3 and then on the back four and five which are to two security guards from 12 a.m. which is not one, but 12 to 3. >> all right and the camera. >> 12 to 3:30. >> right. >> 3:30. >> i have a question as to can we require that there are ropes out there to control the issues since they have problems with fighting and that way there could even be you cannot be past this point because we will not be able to serve you because we are closing. >> stantions? >> yes. >> outside a rope to control the crowds as well as a posting that says once you get to this point we will no longer serve you because you are not going to get in by three. >> a suggestion, not to try to operate this business as a commissioner, but to instruct them as to the end result that you are looking for and so if there is a way that you could turn the condition that you have just described into something t
Jan 17, 2013 12:30pm PST
. >> commissioner akers >> aye. >> per es. >> aye. >> joseph. >> aye. >> lee. >> newlin? >> aye. lee. >> aye. >> that leaves us the two remaining items in the richmond district and does anyone know how richmond stands on this? >> i will be speaking on behalf of officer tobe moore. >> and before you do. let me officially call the items they are two separate items. let's go back to 6 e, malik aslam dba jack in the box, 4649 geary, extended hours permit amply indication. application. >> it is located at geary and 11th avenue. this issue, this location came before the commission on january 24th, 2012. and then, after a process that involved a lot of community groups, the supervisor's office, residents, sfpd and the owner of the commission, granted an extended hours and permit with conditions. one condition approved operating hours between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m.. but not after 4:00 or before 6:00. now after a year of operation, the operator has returned to ask full permission to operate between 4 and 6. operation at those hours will allow the venue to serve breakfast and i will let sfpd and the applic
Jan 18, 2013 12:00pm PST
together. >> that my motion >> do we have a second? >> second. >> all right. commissioners akers? >> aye. >> perez. aye. >> commissioner lee. >> aye. >> joseph. >> aye. >> newlin. >> approved, good luck. >> so now, let me ask, i know that we were asked to delay this for richmond station is that over now? >> that is in the richmond, that is what i am trying to find out. >> good evening, commissioners, my name is rich from the alcohol unit of the police department in the interest of proceeding and the parties that are present, this is a critical one and incident that is continuing. so i will speak on behalf of the limited live performance so i guess dirty trix >> okay. >> i spoke to the officer on the phone and he has no objection. >> is there anybody here that objectsing to dirty trix saloon? or in general? >> no. okay. >> could you speak in? >> with reference to the ten p.m. entertainment. >> yes. >> from what i have seen, my name is john i live on geary and second avenue. what i have seen the reality is that when it begins at ten it always has overflows. >> okay. >> everything will over
Jan 3, 2013 11:30pm PST
. i love and respect my team. >>> and david akers closed his twitter after getting death threats. he suffered a flair up in november and needed injections. akers is in a slump this season. later tonight sports director mark ibanez will show us the second kicker the team has signed ahead of the play offs. >>> gavin newson says he is giving up his show on san francisco's current tv now that the media company is being bought by aljeze era. as we reported yesterday, aljeze era is planning to purchase the company for $5 million. >>> the new congress took the oath of office at the u.s. capital today with about 100 freshman now serving in the house and senate. as ktvu's rita williams reports it's a blend of old and new faces. >> reporter: a touching beginning for the 113th congress, back for the first time since a massive stroke a year ago, illinois senator mark kirk pain stakingly climbed the 45 steps. the vice president and colleagues from both parties cheered on the 53-year-old republican. >> speaker boehner is a leader who has earned the confidence of his conference and the respect of
Jan 10, 2013 5:00pm PST
with david akers to kick in the playoff game against the packers on saturday night. jim harbaugh made the announcement today. he says david akers gives the 9ers the best chance to win. the team brought in billy cundiff last week. as 49er fans know all too well david akers lost his accuracy and missed 10-19 attempts from 40 yards or more. ktvu channel 2 news coverage starts at 4:00 p.m. on saturday. we will have the play book with mark ibanez and joe fonzi and then fox picks up at 4:30 p.m. with kickoff for 5:00 p.m. and stay tuned following the game for the point after. >>> only on 2, a good samaritan explains what happened next when he came upon a crash this morning. >> and is the fault capable of triggering a mega earthquake? why scientists are changing their theory about faults. welcome se my lcret d you are? your worst nightmare mr. box. since you foolishly brought back your bonus jack! i have copied your two pure beef patties, lettuce, melting cheese, pickles, and middle bun, plus fries and a drink for $4.49. and now you will tell me what is in your secret sauce!! uh, i th
Jan 1, 2013 8:00pm PST
the team three days off - back to work thursday. the midst of david akers struggles.the team has brought in another kicker.billy cundiff was cundiff unfortunately best known for this miss in last year's afc championship game going to the superbowl. the ravens cut him shortly thereafter -- he was picked up by the redskins before the season, only to be cut again back in october after he missed on 5 of his last 8 attempts.the 49ers will be his 11th team. >> there will always be a level of competition are round it. >> akers meanwhile is having the worst season of his 14 year career.two more misses career average.odd considering akers is a 6- time pro bowler and one of the best in nfl history >> we certainly want to make the right decision, he has done a right decision. >> and it is difficult to believe that he has been cut from nine different teams now just an opinion - but it would appear that harbaugh made this move to light a little competition will snap can't see cundiff -- a guy whose been cut by nine teams and hasn't played in three months -- sniffing the field 49ers. >> se
Jan 11, 2013 5:00am PST
ink. staples, that was easy. and the san francisco 49-ers. 49ers kicker david akers is going to get at least one more game to get it right. >>> counting down to the 49ers and packers, 49ers kicker david akers will get one more game to get it right. akers' kicks have been off the mark. he hit just 29 of 42 attempts a career low 69%. the team held a week-long kick competition between akers and billy cundiff. akers won so he will be kicking tomorrow when the 49ers host the packers. >>> there's plenty at stake in tomorrow's game. the winner advances to the nfc championship the following week but that's not all. there's a bet between us and the morning news anchors rich and tara at wfrv the cbs station in green bay. we made the friendly wager yesterday on camera. so no backing out, folks. >> nope. >> so rich and tara, you guys look pretty good but that jersey needs to go. i think instead of green and gold it's going to be red and gold next week. >> no. i hope not. i mean, unless it's a montana one that's the only one that i would kind of be able to
Jan 11, 2013 6:00am PST
¬ģ. america's softest tissue. 49ers kicker david akers is >>> an good morning. if you're heading to the 49ers play-off game against the packers on sunday, it's going to be partly cloudy and very cool. we are expecting temperatures only in the mid- to upper 40s. we're also going low this morning. we sill have freeze warnings in effect. we'll talk about that coming up. >>> and despite the traffic being light this morning at the bay bridge toll plaza, they turned the metering lights on. so we are seeing a bit of a backup there just beyond the first overpass. traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >>> thank you. 49ers kicker david akers is going to get at least one more game to get it right during the team's biggest game of the year. he better get it right. akers' kicks have been off the mark hitting just 29 of 42 attempts, a career low 69%. so 49ers brought in billy cundiff last week and akers won the kicking competition between the two. so he will be kicking tomorrow when the 49ers host the packers. >> he better get it right. he was such a stud
Jan 2, 2013 6:00am PST
ers may have new kicker in the playoffs. they signed a new player yesterday. it follows david akers missing two more field goals on sunday. fortunately we won, but he had 69% this season. akers may have open competition for the kicking job. >> two teams meet tonight. they are the warriors and the los angeles clippers. the teams are more known for losing than winning. in the past 21 years, they have made the playoffs just six times combined. but this year it is different. clippers who had 17 game winning streak snapped last night have the best record in the league and four games better than the warriors. tonight's game dare we say could be a battle. >> kristen: long time coming for warrior fans. >> trading begins on wall street for the first time in 2013. we'll see how investors are reacting to the deal reached in washington to avoid the fiscal cliff. >> also stanford's big win in the lows bowl will s good news for py's mayor. >>> good morning, it's now 6:29. opening bell will start the first trading session of 2013. live picture of the new york stock exchange. the world will be watc
Jan 3, 2013 11:00pm PST
, the competition is underway in santa clara. the 49ers have two kickers on their roster. david akers and billy cundiff will battle for the starting job today. akers revealed that he underwent surgery last february for a double sports hernia. he has missed 13 field goal attempts this season. how about some basketball for you tonight? pac-12 opening, usc hosting the cardinals. second half, game tied 65. hustles after the loose ball but chaz brian finishes the ball and finishes with the easy two. last chance for stanford. down a bucket. they draw up a play for randall. misses the jumper and dwight powell misses the put-back. the trojans get the victory. 71-69. all right. cal/ucla from polypavilion. ahead to tyrone wallace who will slam that baby home. the two-handed flush. cal within ten. later in the half. ucla starting to pull away. count it. nothing with you the net. the bruins up 11. 2:30 to go. mohammed hits the jumper again. find-65. that will do it for tonight. raj and jessica, coming up tomorrow, especiallyhé the late on the san francisco 49ers as they prepared for playoffs. >> an exciti
Jan 20, 2013 8:00pm PST
it akers - missed most fg's in nfl this year 4th quarter after a ryan fumble but fumbles at the 1 yard line and force punt field and gore races zone as 49ers take first lead of game with 8:23 left 28-24 sf ryan - finds harry douglas like it may have hit turf - but ruled a catch and 1st down whiteand that's the ballgame tony g said he was wide open on the play.he walks off. 49ers are headed to the super bowl. and many took the time to tweet their thoughts! 49ers star quarterback colin kaepernick tweeted "appreciate the love". he responded to seattle seahawks q-b russell wilson's tweet congratulating the team for making it to the super bowl. that's good sportsmanship! more tweets came pouring in from other 49ers team mates. but we had to share this one with you! 49ers linebacker nathan stupar tweeted this! -- "navorro bowman and i are super bowl bound, hastag superbowl 47" and take a look at this picture, attached to his tweet! you see the two 49ers team mates smiling ear to ear with their new champions hats inside the locker room. shortly after today's game! the san francisco giants team als
Jan 3, 2013 5:00am PST
tan? >> here. >> and akers. >> here. >> and commissioner i believe, newlin is excused this evening. >> and commissioner perez is also excused. >> thank you. >> and so, we are going to make adjustments to the agenda. we are going to move permits up to the first order of business commissioners. followed by public comment. and we are going to continue the executive director's report. and read in the police department comments and questions. >> okay. so moving right along to hearing possible option regarding application for permit for the commission, 4 a. pablo patino, doing business as taqueria guadalajara. 4798 mission street for an extended hours permit. you are up. >> taqueria guadalajara is a privately opened restaurant, and they have a abc license and this application will allow them to operate after two and before six and they recommend approving this with eleven proposed conditions which are attached at the front of your packet. >> and the applicant here? >> hello? >> all right. >> turn the mic on. >> technical difficulties. >> hello? >> i apologize. >> hi my name is pablo pati
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 137 (some duplicates have been removed)